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Thrill, Chill, and Show
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From my youth, here are a few fun and exciting memories that I have experienced while growing up.


Scenes: Thrill

The first memory scene is from my first roller coaster experience in the 4th grade with my friends. I enjoyed it so much, that I experienced it eight more times in a row!


My second memory is from when I would come home from a tough day of school, and everyday, I would compete in a challenging game of virtual golf with my Dad on my game console.


For my final memory scene, my parents surprised me on my 10th birthday with tickets to a monster truck show because they knew that I loved monster trucks so much. Unfortunately, we didn't know that we needed ear protectors, so we had to leave before the show ended to save our hearing. It was totally worth it!

Tools I Used

Blender3D, Unity3D, Mixamo Auto Rigger, and Adobe Photoshop


My concept art for the characters/scenes.

A total of 35 unique models made in Blender.


Every model uses this 256x256 Texture Map for maximum optimization.

Post Processing

I used Ambient Occlusion, Vignette, Bloom, and Anti aliasing for Post Processing. Here are a couple screenshots of the before/after on the Chill Scene.


I used the default directional light for all the scenes. On the "Thrill" scene, I added a light blue sunlight facing the bottom of the clouds to brighten them up.


For rigging, I used Mixamo's Auto Rigger to rig my models.


The only things that are animated is the title UI from each scene.
The clouds, spectators, birds, roller coaster, cameras, monster truck wheels, and water are coded instead of animated with a few lines of code to either spin or float!


11 days ago, I heard about this challenge, so I decided to give it my best shot. I had a blast strolling down memory lane!
Milan Macura
Game Developer - Artist
Milan Macura
2 years ago
Game Developer
Sean SmithLooks like you had a lot of fun making this and it was fun to watch! Nice work.
@Sean Smith Yes sir! Thank you.
Sean Smith
2 years ago
Just graduated
Looks like you had a lot of fun making this and it was fun to watch! Nice work.
Milan Macura
2 years ago
Game Developer
Farrukh AbdurNice work Milan :)
@Farrukh Abdur Thanks! :D
Milan Macura
2 years ago
Game Developer
Andraž GrudenJust fascinating. I love the low poly
@Andraž Gruden Thank you!
Andraž Gruden
2 years ago
Master of disaster
Just fascinating. I love the low poly