VR Thesis Project by Matthew Krumlauf
Interview with Matthew Krumlauf: What is your background Matthew? “My first internship started at Earlham College as a Computer Science Administrator. After that I completed a summer program at Stowers Institute for Medical Research in Kansas City, MO. While at Stowers I switched between wet work in the lab and programming. I worked in MatLab with data submission and tracking cells within three dimensional images. I continued working at Earlham College with a focus on Metagenomics research dealing with submitting DNA sequences to databases. We also worked on trying to find significant data with batch work on rRNA sequences. While working through these programs I completed my degree in Computer Science from 2011 to 2014 at Earlham College. The last few years include working as an administrative assistant at Laguna College of Art and Design for MFA Department Chair, Sandy Appleoff Lyons. At the same time I continued and completed my education in the Art of Game Design Masters program at LCAD. " · What kind of game is it? Threshold is a horror VR game that has a narrative focus. · What was your intention for the game? “To continue to develop the narrative and try and get some traction on the demo. A final stage for the game would be trying to get funding from an established company. The final stage is adding all three stages of the game and improving the mechanics.” · Who is the intended audience for your game? “Horror game fans starting at 17+ years of age. The game uses a female protagonist and a unique focus on narrative. That will attract the usual horror fans because of the aesthetics while bring in fans of strong narrative games.” · How has LCAD given you the resources (people, networks, etc) to be successful? “Laguna College of Art and Design provided the opportunity to work with brilliant artists and Programmers from USC. It takes work to bring the team together and keep them on task like in a real industry team. The professional teachers also teach the students what to expect when looking for work and what is expected in each position on a team. Mentors are also a strong part of the school. For example, I had Chris Avellone expand my understanding of game narratives along with where to take Threshold forward.” · What is the most surprising thing you've come to find of our program? “Getting to work with teachers still working in the industry with positions at incredibly impressive companies.” · What are your post-graduate goals? “Enter the industry as a game designer and move to higher positions with my experience making games and programming background.” · Where do you see the future of gaming? “Various spaces with VR taking a powerful position if the hardware gets enough buyers. I think that the games will have to find interfaces that are faster and more intuitive than the current PC/console controls to gain complete control in the future.” · What was your favorite video-game growing up? “My favorite game growing up was Star Wars: Jedi Outcast II. It balanced an interesting story with game mechanics with force powers, guns, and lightsaber battles.” Matthew Krumlauf's Team: LCAD Artists Duke De Castro, Caitlin Blends, Jeremy Ho, Schwinn Masavisut, Harley Weir, Dean May, Hannah Friedman, Kayi Law, Brandon Tromp, Sam Mazzarella, Aleksandrina Tchoub, Kayi Law, Leon Ho Sheng Yu, Matthew Mckeown Music Hyunsoo Nam, Maqui Sainz Actress Diana Cha Sound Eiji John Mitsuta, Diana Cha Programmers Dakotah Lambert, Yujia(Nicole) Chen, Zonglin(Robin) Wu, Alex Wang, Hao liu, Ruoming Chen, Yunlei Zhang Apply for fall scholarships to the Art of Game Design MFA today!!
Sandy Appleoff Lyons
Chair, Art of Game Design MFA