Thousands Layered Edge (千層の剣)
Published 5 months ago
In development
Android; iOS
Upcoming mobile game with unique sumi-e painting style
Game Summary
  • Title : Thousands Layered Edge (千層の剣)
  • Platform : Android
  • Genre : Action-Fighting
  • Tool used : Unity
Thousands Layered Edge (千層の剣) is an action-fighting game similar to stormblade(android/iOS) or infinity blade(iOS), where you fight an enemy one by one and perform attack and/or parry by swiping the touch screen. The game is rendered using a fragment shader to simulate an ink painting or sumi-e paintings.

Plot Summary
Somewhere in the middle of Edo era, a young girl is raised and trained by an old sage to be a female assassin. Their main mission is to prevent the Civil War by killing the 4 Kenseis which lead the rebellion force against the Imperial

The core gameplay is a one on one swipe controlled fighting game, where player needs to parry enemy's attack and attack back when there's an opening window to do so. When she succeed to defeat the enemy, she will gain experience point which she can use to unlock skills and special moves.
Angga Afriadi
Game Languages
Supported Platforms
Android; iOS