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Linux; Windows; WebGL
You are Bob. Bob is really angry and he just decided to quit his job. So here he is, in front of his company´s building, determined to tell his boss the news. Looks like a simple plan? Well, it is not as easy as it seems… can you get into the building?
T.S.L. is my attempt to make point´n´click adventure with fresh elements. It is made completely by me, from the concept and game design, through the programming and the animations. Unfortunately, this game has never been finished and only one level is available.

Tools/frameworks used:

Unity, Visual studio (C#), Adobe Photoshop

My work here:

  • whole concept
  • complete game design
  • complete programming (gameplay, menus, inventory system, dialogue system)
  • story and dialogues
  • complete visuals
Jakub Miculka
Freelance game developer - Programmer
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Supported Platforms
Linux; Windows; WebGL