This is NOT a Scam!
"This is NOT a scam!"​ is a game I made for Ludum Dare 33. The Ludum Dare 33 theme is "You are the Monster"​ and this game is designed around that theme. In this game, you play as a technical support representative at an illegitimate company attempting to steal people's credit card information. The game was designed to get a reaction out of people once they realise the consequences of their actions. The game was designed in Unity 5 and utilises most of Unity's GUI system. The game can be played by following the project link and then clicking the "Windows, Linux & Mac"​ link on the project page and then by clicking the download link on the page. The game's source code can also be downloaded from this link: The game was updated on 16th July 2016 to incorporate new sound effects and extra minor details to the game, aswell as an update to Unity 5.3. The game was rated #83 and made the Top 100 game section and was rated in different categories. (The lower the better) #14 - Innovation #34 - Theme #41 - Humor #83 - Overall #97 - Fun #248 - Mood #442 - Graphics
Aaron Meaney
Programmer & Designer - Student