This Is Not A Ball Game
Paris, early 20th century. The show is about to start... And YOU are the main attraction in this stunning physics-based ball game from Absurd Interactive. This Is Not A Ball Game includes more than 90 challenging levels with Retina-quality graphics and a mysterious French genie as your guide. Swipe and tap the screen to launch balls into the arena to free Star Blocks, and bring the magic back to the Absurd Circus! Play This Is Not A Ball Game to discover a world unlike any other -- inspired by the Art Nouveau movement and René Magritte's "This is Not a Pipe."
Reviews: "It's a beguiling treat for the eyes, with a charming carnival theme and an alluring soundtrack." - Pocket Gamer "A beautiful fantasy that just happens to have a circus-style" - Kotaku "Gaming Apps of the Week" - Kotaku "I struggle to think of many other games that are so chock-full of art" - 148Apps "This game is extremely entertaining. It looks awesome and plays great. If you are a fan of physics based games and want to play something that is visually interesting, check out this game in the App Store." - App Advice "Today's Best Apps" - App Advice "The artwork is very pretty and the Parisian sideshow theme really breathes originality into the game play" - App Picker
Sean Hart
Game Developer / Writer - Programmer
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