Third Person Game Foundation Kit
This asset was inspired by the control from classic Third Person adventure/platformer titles. It has a character, ready to go, with a brilliant camera that has 5 modes and handles collisions! The asset is absolutely beaming with features and customization options that it's easier to just let you watch the trailer and read the documentation (links below). The character can run, climb ledges, grab ledges, perform a multitude of different jumps, crouch, crawl, roll, swim, slide, push boxes, lift objects, use inventory items and weapons and even focus on targets. The HUD is easy to set up to your liking, the Inventory can be absolutely limitless and you can even make your own NPCs with branching conversations making for endless possibilities! The scripts are annotated and there is a documentation and user manual to help you use this asset. There is a demo scene (and a template scene to start building from), along with a character and camera prefab ready to use! All there's any need to do on your end is to place in your own model (either in blender using my supplied blender file and animations or by swapping in your own model and animations).
Yan Dawid