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About This GamePeople are no more.In the world devoid of human life our sentient machines are left to simulate the life they once knew. With no one to watch them, the swarm of flying drones built for one purpose - race - compete each into eternity other across various landscapes and settings.Thick Air drone design is inspired by automobile era of late XX century. FeaturesPhysics-driven flight model, no BS! Get a gamepad handy.Split-screen multiplayer - challenge your best friend, see how that friendship holds up.Brutal and unforgiving AI!Various race modes.Headbanging soundtrack!VR support (completely optional) - both HTC Vive and Oculus Rift have been tested to work perfectly.HOTAS (actually any DirectInput device) and Vive motion controllers support.What we got planned Online multiplayer - coming soon!Drone visual and (optional) performance damagePerformance tuningVisual customization (paint it pink) and upgrades (put a spoiler on it)Community-introduced features - we're listening to your every word! b4d347fde0 Title: Thick AirGenre: Racing, Early AccessDeveloper:People Gotta PlayPublisher:People Gotta PlayRelease Date: 15 Sep, 2016 Thick Air Full Crack Loved the fact that it had default controller mappings for mode 1 and 2, like you would use to fly RC planes/drones.The menu system where you have to look behind you is a bit much, maybe my centre point was off but seemed like I had to turn my head 180degrees to see the track, let me turn my body using the stick or keep menu to 180 degrees or 230degrees max. The dynamics of how the drones handle are way off....if you've ever flown raceing drones before you'll have a hard time adjusting to this. Bank and yank does not work well at all, I ended up doing best by flying rudder and "throttle" (up/down) only, which kinda defeats the point.Had serious frame drops in menu view, on a 1070?Fun for 30min. I haven't played much yet, but I've really enjoyed my time so far.It plays something like Mario Kart in the sky, with a somewhat confusing control scheme that is incredibly rewarding when you do well.The drones handle neither like real drones or video game drones, which could bother some people, but I really enjoy it.I haven't tried the Vive support yet, but I'm guessing that it's super nauseating and fun.I think anyone interested in racing games with more difficult controls should check this out.. The fun of flying low level and close to the ridge. The perfect way to take advantage of VR.. Hey I just bought your game to try with vr oculus rift. When the car runs into the no zone wall area it tends to spin the car 180 degrees. This can be an annoying glitch in the collison physics. Anyway I want to suggest about the effect settings. I only saw a difference in the water but when there was no water around having it on ultra or high affected the fps. Maybe a automatic effect setting changer that made the effects go on high when water is around. Question: Are u using dynamic shadows or static shadows on the rocks and cactuses? If it is dynamic that could be why i am getting stutter in the framerate with my gtx 970.. Great Game,good music, adrenaline rush for sure! Black Panther car is my fav.Reminds me of Crimson Skies- "High Road to Revenge" on Xbox.. This game hasn't received updates in years, and the early access notes said it would take 3-6 months and that they're in it for the long haul. Disappointing.. Tried to play with thrustmaster t-flight stick x and it doesn't works. It's unreal to play on keyboard too. So I couldn't play this game and don't advice it before developer will not fix this problem. p.s. Is it really hard to make a good mouse control as in old space simulators or something like that, not like this sh*t.
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