Updated 2 years ago
TheSwitch - A short animation - You hit a ball so hard it changes the order of the universe! Story: You are out messing about with your bat and ball, you have an amazing strike and the ball goes flying... into vast unknown expanses of space, it reaches the edge.. What happens next? What is the switch for? Check out the short video submission below to find out. Video for competition submission:

Some screenshots of work done:
Been updating some more, some more screenshots:
First video during testing:
Assets used: Fog Volume, Lsky Time of day, CineMachine, Lens Dirtiness, Rocks. Meshes: Unity primitives, meshes created in blender, Rocks Asset, free UK terrase houses, extreme adventure pack. Materials/textures: From Unity terrain assets, dessert and Mud Rocky texture, planet texture. I would like to add that this is my first time using CineMachine and it is really a great tool to use, I will be using this in future projects. I can literally control everything in a scene(s)! Great addition to Unity. Hi, I an indie developer located in the UK. My submission is simple but hopefully the point comes across as intended. Thanks for looking.
Designer - Artist