Published a year ago
There are places I remember...
I decided to make three moments of my life that are always in my mind, that makes feel happy and melancholic, thanks to these memories I am the person who I am, they are my favorite memories
I have't been a lot of time in this place, it's in the university, where i study now, i have been less than a year working here, its part of the school, here we develop videogames, we are start to creating videogames, creating new things, bringing to life our ideas
Now we are creating one game, we work together in the making of it, we contribute with ideas to make a better game, but right now my place in the time it's to create the music/soundtrack of it, and the design of the sounds, I feel so good when i am there, a special place, with a great group of people around, that i can consider my friends

When I was in the High School I was in the school's band, I play the Bass guitar, we used to practice all the week, one hour per day, song after song, we played in the school a few times, in special events, and we also recorded a few songs; but one time our teacher found a place outside the school, in a coffee-bar, in the midtown, it was a little space, a place with a lot of chairs a tables where anyone can see the stage.

It's a very special place because it was one of the best times I have ever play, no mistakes, i had a lot of fun, so secure of myself, that day my friends, my family went to see me, I played beside a girl, who in the future become my girlfriend, one of my favorite days.

I consider myself a little shy, when i meet new people, its a little difficult to start or keep going a conversation, but in the high school at the beginning it was like always, but after one semester that feeling started to change, i talked more with almost all my classroom but in special with other 4 guys, who time after they become my best friends.
the first time that we did something together, apart the school, we take a balloon, we gave it "life" a name, Phillip, we created a story, that it was a monster, and the only way to save us it was tu bury it, so we did it, in the last field of our school, and we always said that one days it was going to come back, bigger and more dangeroues, like a portrayed in my 3d mode, it was a very childish experience, but that way was like we become friends, it was the begging of everything, and we still the same, best friends.


My process to work on this challenge was, first thinking in which memories i would like to portray, after that i did a little map from top view, to see how i should place all the objects
after that i started to modeling in Blender

I did two stages in Low Poly and one in High Poly so for that reason my principal mesh was the cube, it was the beginnig of almost of the figures in my stages
then i export all the UV maps and painted it to create the textures for the models
and finally I exported everything to Unity
Sean Smith
a year ago
Just graduated
Cool scenes :)