The Yukon Hotel.
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Yukon hotel, 2019.
Hello, my name is Mick Boere, I'm an 18 year old student from the Netherlands, currently studying Game Development and working as an intern at Sticky Studio's. Please note that I am primarily a programmer and not a schooled artist :').
My entry for the Neon challenge is a simulator of some sorts. I based this upon a video I uploaded to my YouTube channel:
This video is an ASMR atmosphere / ambience drawing inspiration from Deckard's apartment in Blade Runner. My neon project and this video also take place in the Blade Runner universe.
So basically, what started all of this is my love for the atmosphere in blade runner. There is literally nothing that even compares to it, and IMO the sequel: Blade Runner 2049, neither does do it justice (Don't get me wrong, it was a very good movie). So, drawing inspiration from this blade runner ambience I put together this ambient audio track in fl studio containing rain on the window, the typical Ridley Scott hum (as heard in Deckard's apartment and in the medical bay in Alien), some music and audio skits, and just a lot of sound to fill up the atmosphere.
After creating this video, my immediate thought was to take this concept of creating and ambience and put it in Unity. So I started prototyping the apartment, collecting sounds, and just getting everything I needed. I already worked on a neon project previous to this, so I had some assets from the get go.
One of these assets is a part of the city you see when looking out of the window. This is currently placeholder as I intend to make a more apartment looking building across the street. Something more blade runner like. I had already posted multiple video's on this huge city I was working on:

So having this project as a base, I started creating a layout for the apartment in which the player will be laying down.
Having this base to build upon, I had to actually have stuff to build upon. So I looked into the iconic Ennis house tile, and it turned out someone had luckily already uploaded one to the Google Warehouse, after-which I only had to clean up some errors and put it in Substance Painter.
The process for this tile was simple really, as I said before I only had to clean up the model, unwrap it in Maya, and apply some material to it in Substance Painter. I know it doesn't look like the original blade runner tile, as they looked more like sand stone, but I found that to be too much of a hassle to make as I'm primarily a programmer and not a 3D artist.
After getting the tile in unity, I had to of course cover the walls. So I adjusted my snap-settings in the preferences and got to work. Below you will see the result. I still need to combine all of the tiles in to one mesh for optimization, but currently they are all still separate tiles lol.
And after adding the city in the background, creating a bed, a tv, a nightstand, and importing some models from projects I previously worked on, it currently looks like this.
Now that most of my assets are in place it's time to get it functional. As you can see on the bottom right, you have this small blue screen. This is an asset created by a good friend of mine ( We designed it for the purpose of being an inventorying device in another project, which was never finished. Why I put it in this project is because I wanted the user to be able to play whatever he wanted on the tv screen, and use this device as a controller. So right now it's set up as
Another one of the reasons I chose to have the player laying in bed, is because I know first hand the scale of an outdoor scene with dynamic objects like people and vehicles interacting with the environment, when working alone, and not wanting to use any assets of the asset store, that would have been too much for me too handle. So to make this still-experience a lot more enjoyable I did put a lot of effort into the audio, and overall mood of the scene.
Please keep in mind that this in no way shape or form is a finished product, and I don't know whether I can make time and rake up enough motivation to finish this to my likings as I am busy with my internship, exams, music, and other personal projects.
Thank you so much for reading, and enjoy the video below of the current state of my entry. I know it's not much and I know it isn't very exciting, but it's supposed to be a VR simulation experience in which you literally just sit/lay down, maybe have a drink, listen to the ambience, and watch the TV, which will be fully customizable to play whatever you like. The TV is already able to do so, it's just not implemented yet as I'm having a little trouble with the UI since it stops working when you hide the mouse cursor, but I already fixed this in another VR project so I should be able to do it in this one :)
In the future I will ofcourse implement the TV menu to support whatever video, work on the environment, the ambience, and ofcourse: MORE NEON!
Asset store assets used:
  • Post processing stack
  • OLD TV Filter
  • Lens Flares
Mick Boere
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Mick Boere
2 years ago
Front End Game Developer
Quentin LengeleI know these tiles! :)
hehe ;)
Quentin Lengele
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I know these tiles! :)