The Wraith
Updated a day ago
Fourth Night
Started with the UI for the game. Since the character has turned into an undead he starts the adventure only with his now empty spellbook and a bony appearance. His only chance at getting his humanity is to restore the spellbook.

Second Night

New banner and map, no markers yet but the idea of progression is layed out here. The adventure of the wraith stars as an scape from the depths of a catacomb. Then, after reaching the surface, he will venture through the cementery (not drawn in the map yet), the haunted wood and the march. To enter the tower one has to reach the back hidden entrance (cave) and survive the growing masses of undead inside. This path will lead to the basement of the tower and from there the wraith's objective awaits, the spell to restore your humanity held by the strongest lich.

First Night

"Follow one of the damned in his adventure to recover his stolen humanity"
After brain storming last night an undead protagonist came about so I started some rough sketches. I also decided to explore some key poses, thinking how they would affect the character design (the estructure must be optimised for traditional animation after all).

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