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About This GameFor many years people from one little town keep away from a local manor by the woodside. It’s dark, wrecked walls keep a terrible secret about the unsolved murder of the sheriff and his wife. And now the story continues, when a young journalist, writing the story about the incident, disappears under murky circumstances. Maybe the maniac’s diary he found earlier has something to do with it… Solve the manor’s mystery and save the journalist before it’s too late!FeaturesTwisted plotRealistic Artwork b4d347fde0 Title: The Wisbey MysteryGenre: Casual, IndieDeveloper:Argali EntertainmentPublisher:RunServerRelease Date: 18 Jan, 2017 The Wisbey Mystery Download] [Crack Serial Key the wisbey mystery walkthrough. the wisbey mystery review. the wisbey mystery I hate to be negative, but this game is probably the worst HOG I've ever played. People have already mentioned all of the important issues, like the voice acting, the grammatical and translation errors, the tedious game I don't need to rehash it all. I finished the game in 85 minutes, so I can't see how this would be worth the price.. Bad voice acting.Bad translations.Illogical item placements.No diary/log.Map shows places where you can do things, except you can't, yet.At least the achievements work which are all non-missable.1.5 hours to complete.3/10P.S.You need a latch. No, not that one. No, not that one either. This one? Nope.. I paid $1.40 Canadian for this game, and it was worth every cent. Okay, it wasn't great, but I spent a pleasant couple of hours on it. Cons- terrible voice overs, but somewhat entertaining- translations were pretty awful ie: "I'm not going to open it until the key and handle are missing". uh huh- cut scenes were dull and stiff; however, they were short, which I appreciate- you can't go back and read stuff from your diary because... there's no diaryPros- the HOS are clear and easy, although there was the occasional pixel miss and poor translation - the travelling map was good and shows you where you still have stuff to do- you'll get all of the achievements, even if you use a hint or skip a puzzle- I think there was only one puzzle and I skipped it because it was terribly put together. I'm a puzzle-idiot, so I was happy. The story was a bit lame, but I was happy not to be transported back in time or have to rely on some mythical creature to help me solve the mystery. I wouldn't pay full price for this, but I did enjoy it.. Why can't I play this game? It's super buggy! I unistalled and re-installed it twice, but it keeps acting up. It will automatically click things all over the screen, even if I'm not touching the clicker. I can't play it at all, and I've had it too long to get a refund. Anyone have an idea? Looks like a game I would enjoy, but if I can't play it, I'll never know. Thanks.. A nice little casual point-and-click adventure with a dark story and awkward English dialog. There only a few easy hidden-object scenes, so it hardly counts as a hidden-object game.The negative reviews are being far too hard on the English translation and voice acting. After all, this genre of games is known for its terrible scripts and acting. I didn't find this game to be much worse than the usual. At the end of the day, it's serviceable and clear enough. It's “humorous” only if you find it funny to laugh at ESL speakers.As others have mentioned, there's one glass flower puzzle that seems broken. After fighting it for 20 minutes, I decided to skip it. There is no penalty for that other than your sense of pride in completion. (I'm sure I solved it correctly, it just didn't register as completed.)The achievements are all un-skippable and you will get 100% by finishing the game.. This game does not work. It's glitchy and It blanks out after rescuing the journalist.. This is another hidden object type of game that has been flooding our Steam store recently.But this one, I had to say, was the hardest one I played as of yet.As usual, the game compels you to look for clues, solve puzzles and search for objects in the hidden object game.My only frustrations is when you have to backtrack for items you missed and have to revisit the same area again in order to progress. Sometimes, you get stuck and run out of ideas on what to do next.But that is the beauty of the game, It challenges you to move on. I was glad they added a Steam Achievement feature on this game that rewards your effort.Overall, here is what I have to say, the graphics are only average, the story is good, the soundtrack is adequate.I definitely reccommend this game and it receives a thumbs up.. I found myself asking myself if I should recommend this game or not but after all this is a cute little hidden object game! If you are searching for a relaxing easy way to spend max 3 hours of your time, this game is for you. The artwork is well done in detail and I like that there is a variation of different places. What cause myself to almost not recommend it was the lack of challenges. The puzzles were very very easy, the story was simple, and some characters' voices were (I think) made by a computer? I don't think there were real persons behind them. I bought this game for a very reduced price, so I would only recommend it if you buy it on sale.. I've played other games by the developer and this one's easily the weakest. I still enjoyed it allot for the art and unintentional humour and oh god this voice acting and translation.I'd recommend playing other games they made first like Amulet of Dreams (just watch out for the glitch in the desert area), and christmas adventure candy storm.They are all cheap and godd fun for both good and bad reasons.
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