"The White Rabbit Hole"
Updated 8 months ago
In development
Fractal Immersive VR Experience & Products
The White Rabbit Hole is based on fractal calculation and mathematics, it has been create for multiples immersives experiences and dimensions, a whole in one immersive experience inside a deep hole, is the concrete sensation we want to to deploy on this project, talking about Cinema VR where valuable content is created and VR scenario is scripted as a movie.
We've started with deep HD rendering textures, we are on track to create low poly and high poly assets, sculptures and exclusive art materials from the project itself such as paintings, 3d assets , Artwork and many more.
We use HTC Vive and Gear VR hardware device to reach our goals in terms of VR and take the opportunity to discover the new Unity 2018 beta with a lot new features who will definatelly speed it up this project.
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