The Wanderer - Bloodthirst
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Android; iOS; Windows Phone
Dark Fantasy Mobile hack n slash RPG
Hello everyone!
I'm an artist from Transylvania creating artwork for video games for a few years now, with a passion for dark fantasy and old school RPG's like Diablo, Gothic, Arx Fatalis etc.
In the past few weeks, I've decided to try this idea of a mobile RPG , and started to develop some quick practical workflows for creating artwork and content fast.
It's a story driven RPG with tons of loot and a world to explore. Very similar to Diablo II. I already have a lot of lore and items from the past project set in the same universe, and i'm using some already 3d models as render reference, for a realistic look.
The approach is a practical one, with focus on building something playable fast and launch it to see the user feedback, and keep adding more content and mechanics.
All the content shown has been made in less than 2 weeks of work. The level design workflow is tile based that seam together. The file size is also small, with 1 tile being 32x32 pixels. I decided to skip walls which saved a lot of time for more items, objects and animations. With this workflow I can create huge maps relatively fast. All the sprites are done on minimum size then scaled, so the original images are very small, thus allowing for more memory in other areas like special effects or simply more content on the screen.
Please check the original pictures for best quality, the compression here is terrible:
The simplest start is adding a combat and inventory system and go from there. I have some inventory system packs from the Asset Store and a dialogue pack from a friend who's a programmer.
I'm looking for a programmer with experience with Unity to make a team and build a prototype quickly and see how it goes from there. If it has good reception we can keep adding more content.
The plan is to make the game a free mobile app with ads and in the future experiment with other revenue systems such as cosmetics, but not pay to win features.
Hit me up if you're interested, for more details.
Discord handle: Hermit#8917
Skype: andyblahblah1
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Android; iOS; Windows Phone