The Wanderer
Updated a year ago
Available on
Android; iOS; WebGL
Explore and survive the harsh wasteland searching for supplies and battling any unwanted visitors in this 'Text Based Adventure'.
Gather supplies from Canned Food to Rare Candy as well as improving your gear.
Trade your Caps with a local Merchant
Speculate on the supplies you have against the dangers of the wasteland
Fight off bandits in a stats based combat system
How many days can you last?
Good Luck Wanderer!
  • Adjusted the EXP target
  • Added more shop options
  • Added a new interactive section for mini events
  • Enemies and yourself have attack timers now, enemies auto attack
  • Added are you sure page to the reset game option
  • Added Log for finding random supplies
  • Now shows potential rewards before a fight
  • Added simple tutorial screen to get you started
  • Added the Random Event Handler
  • Added Random enemy bandit fight encounters
  • Added NEW areas to explore
  • Added 10 minute Supply crates
Jamie Parish
Indie Unity Games Developer - Programmer
Supported Platforms
Android; iOS; WebGL
Jamie Parish
a year ago
Indie Unity Games Developer
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