The valley of the frog(蛙之谷)
Published 11 days ago
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I make this game because my boy was born Two years ago; I want make a game just for him to play ; That time, I I don't know what game I will like to make; Someday In the country's home, I was passing by a pond , I heard the wonderful songs of a lot of frogs ,In that moment, I got the inspiration! Because I was a 3D Artist for years , so ,I spend about 10days to make a group frog model and rig them; (I already upload it in AssetStore:!/content/79697) , The next step : using unity to develop the function , level design , and Publish it . But , At that time , I am new for unity , but It's really amazing experience in the develop process, because , once I want develop a function that I don't know how to, I just go Baidu (like google) or just check the unity scripts reference , and done!I've never been stuck with a develop problem in this game develop process! I really thank unity , I was a artist ,but I easily jump into the coding in unity! cool! Finally, the frog jump game for my boy was done , the whole develop time less than 30 days! And I also released it to some Android stores in china.

Rob luo
Zero - Programmer
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Chinese, Simplified
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