The Unfinished Swan
Explore a mysterious all-white landscape by splatting paint to reveal the world around you. As Monroe, a 10-year-old orphan, you'll follow a swan that's stepped out of an unfinished painting and wandered off into a surreal, storybook-inspired kingdom. Each chapter brings surprises, new ways to explore the world, a host of bizarre (and sometimes dangerous) creatures, and encounters with the eccentric king who built this empire. The Unfinished Swan is a 3D, 1st-person, single-player exploration puzzler with surreal gameplay mechanics. As the Senior Systems Programmer, I was responsible for systems, gameplay, and audio programming. I wrote the core game mechanic for the second chapter, in which players throw balls of water to encourage a dynamic system of vines to grow over arbitrary level geometry. The player can then climb surfaces that are covered in vines, including walls and ceilings. The Unfinished Swan was released for PS3 on October 16, 2012.
Joshua Beeler
Software Engineer