The Uncertain: Last Quiet Day - Review
Updated 2 years ago
In a post-apocalyptic future, after humans exterminated each other a society of robots arose. It was supposed to be a perfect society where everyone worked together to the betterment of the world. Robots bowed not to repeat the mistakes that drove humankind to extinction, or so they thought.
The Uncertain is a visual novel with awesome graphics and a lot of puzzles. You'll play as RT on his accidental quest to discover what really happened to the humans.
Price: 14.99
Size: 15GB
Genre: Visual Novel
Developed by: ComonGames
Reviewed on PC.
Download link: Steam.


The uncertain has a very rich story, it starts with RT questioning his place on society. He was not built for a specific purpose, so he dedicates himself to explore and wonder. In the meantime scavenging and crafting tools for other robots. Just as you're getting ready to deliver a plasma cutter to a client, a ship crashes right next to your house. That's when things start getting interesting.
The story of this game is told by the environment as much as cinematic presentations. There are many objects for you to interact with, on each RT will reveal a little of what it means to be a robot. The story is highly immersive but in my opinion, a little short.


The Uncertain has very simple yet varied gameplay, it's all about exploration and puzzles. You'll need to go through different maps looking for clues on how to complete your next task. You'll need to find parts, calibrate or hack systems, and crack a few secret codes.
Each puzzle will be unique and will require different skills. Some will require detective work, others simple hand to eye coordination.


This game has pretty amazing graphics. The characters and environment are pretty detailed. I really enjoyed the comprehensive animations, RT really comes to live during your adventure.

They achieve a weird balance between the post-apocalyptic scene left by the humans and the orderly fashion of the robots. That goes a long way to make the story more immersive.
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