The Tree of Medora
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Welcome to the subterranean city of Medora
First of all, thanks to Unity for this amazing community that is Connect and for this challenge. We hardly ever have a chance to explore some areas and themes we-re not used to and this is an awesome opportunity.
Far below the surface of the planet, one of the last cities inhabited by mankind shines. Usually dark and wet because of its conditions, Medora's mood almost resembles that cyberpunk culture that people used to see in the movies. But this city has a peculiarity, for each of its hundreds of streets converges to a single point - the center of it all, were lies a Tree. Submerged in water and protected by a giant wall of glass that connects it to the surface, the divine figure serves as a peaceful deity in this loud and filthy world, were people can go to confess their sins, ask their wishes and calm their minds.

Final Video

Here is our final results! We were very late before starting to record everything, but Timeline and Cinemachine really sped things up. They were pretty simple to use and the results were just as expected. I wish we had a little more time to populate the scene with people and vehicles, but for the final submission, this will do!

Entry #4 - Some shots!

Entry #3 - Props

Sooo, we're pretty late... last week we finished gathering all the props we'll (probably) need, and now we're populating the city.
Like most characteristic cyberpunk cities, Medora has a lot of tall and technological buildings, but those are only for the wealthier ones. All the rest gets to live in really small houses and, mostly, containers. Every corner of the city is filled with containers of all sizes and colors.

Entry #2 - Light Testing

It's time for some lighting tests. It's been a while since we had some fun with unity, so we are carefully studying the best approaches to get the results we desire.
The Post Processing Stack came really handy in this process, it made the scene look much better in very little time and with almost no tweaking. We also used this plugin to implement some volumetric lights.

Entry #1 - Initial Composition

We're starting to test some block out. The center of our environment is the Tree, so we're trying make it stand out as the other components lead our vision to it.

Entry #0 - References and Concepts

A soon as we had the world idea ready we made a fast, really sketchy concept to give us a sense of size, value and composition.
We were initially planning on using Simon Stålenhag's amazing work as our main visual reference, but as the whole subterranean idea got together, we felt like we wouldn't be able to pass his work's feeling to our own. So, we decided to stick to the "default" cyberpunk visual mood.

Assets used

From the Asset Store:
  • Amplify Shader
  • Block Building Pack
  • Building Kit 1
  • Cinemachine
  • Jiggly Bubble Free
  • LightCake
  • Matter Transfer Platform
  • Pipes Kit
  • Post Processing Stack
  • Unity Recorder
  • Sci Fi Space Drone PolygonR
  • SuperSplines
  • The Wasteland LITE
  • TOZ Hologram Shader
  • Urban Town Pack - Middle Eastern
Other assets:
  • Acid Generator by InvisibleParrotGames
  • Baril_04, Baril_06 and Chest_03 by Cyril Limoges Athiel
  • Bottle A by Francesco Coldesina
  • Broken Wine Bottle by Ivan_Valbuena
  • Building by altncaglar
  • Canadian Light Rail Vehicle
  • Dumpster (CyberPunk) by EXHALE
  • Fire Hydrant by TraianDumbrava
  • Food can "post-war" by Horus3dart
  • Future Building by Josue GZ
  • Futuristic building by Olexandr Zymohliad
  • Garbage for Streets 02 and Garbage for Streets 04 by MGD Films
  • Garden Hose & Faucet by Brandon Westlake
  • Generator by InvisibleParrotGames
  • HQ building by daniyal malik
  • Japan shop banner by nkei
  • Johnny's Beer by Fabian van Dorst
  • Old Home by mohsen_esfandiar
  • Random Factory Assets HD by lumoize
  • Residential Building Set by 3DHaupt
  • Sci-fi building structures
  • Sci Fi Box Building 6
  • Sci-Fi Tower, Sc-fi Building, Futuristic Building and Sci-fi Prop Modeling by Jonathan
  • Stellwerk-A by DerMische
  • Street Light by klo works
  • 020 Building kit by d880
  • Temporal Reprojection Anti-Aliasing
  • Tipografiya by blenderist
  • Trash by jollyr0ger
  • Turbine Dynamo by al0sral0
  • VolumetricLighting
  • Water bottle by emilydesign
  • Water Bottle by oscarherry3d
  • Wilstone Oil Neon by Willy Decarpentrie
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Farrukh AbdurVery good update. Looking forward to see more on this :)
Thank you!
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Very good update. Looking forward to see more on this :)
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Blair RenaudHi there. I noticed your thumbnail is a lot different than your blog pictures. Is the thumbnail of this project?
Hi Blair! Yes, the thumb is our lighting test (we just didn't post it in the article yet).
Blair Renaud
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Hi there. I noticed your thumbnail is a lot different than your blog pictures. Is the thumbnail of this project?