The Treasure Odyssey
Published 10 months ago
The Treasure Odyssey


The treasure odyssey is a 2d adventure game, were the player will guide a kindly pirate called greenbeard that is on board a ship, in which will get on duty to find numerous treasures, but be careful, in his adventure the player expertise will get tested to avoid enemies and unexpected obstacles.
Studio Gigil is a small game developer indie studio with some experience in this field of the video game development since we have developed games before.

Technical features

  • 2d cinemachine was used in the main menu for the effects of the camera movement.
  • The 2d sprite shape was used in the movement of the waves as the collisions with the ship.

  • The character was designed in photoshop and it is getting animated in unity.

Game environment

Scene conceptualization: The scene is based in the pirates age following the story of a pirate trying to steal the world treasures and tries to protect it in his own island from the other pirates.

Production process: is a 2d game hand drawn and after that it was digitized and painted in photoshop, rigged and animated in unity, developed in unity 2018.2 with the new characteristics that were coupled inside the game, the mechanics consist to avoid objects while sailing in the sea and shooting the enemies that can be aerial or be in the water and advancing through the map until unlock the online mode in which the treasures can be stolen between the players, so each player needs to defend their own treasure island.

CEO - Owner
Diego Mazo
Game Developer - Programmer
wilder castrillon
developer - Programmer
Tatan Morales
Illustrator - Artist
10 months ago
The treasure map level selection is a great idea, I love pirate games!
10 months ago
Game Developer
Looks great!! I LOVE the artwork!!! Well done! :)