The The Flawless: Art's Tale Prototype
The Flawless: Art's Tale: An side-scrolling RPG indie game set in a brutal world of cats in development by Bare Knuckle Development. I was in charge of all elements in creating the initial prototype of the game; programming/scripting in C#, designing and creating the graphics assets in Photoshop, creating/mixing the sounds and music in Cubase, and bringing it all together in Unity. The prototype included a day-night cycle, a weather system, an inventory system, a crafting system, a shooting engine, and a turn based battle system. I designed and created all characters and enemies along with their animations using Unity's Mecanim animation system. They were designed based on specifications from the writer. The prototype was completed in November 2015 and allowed us to test gameplay and figure out what would need changing in the final game. The game is now 'on hold' and work will continue after the release of another title. You can check on the game's progress here: #flawlessthegame
Steven D Wilson
Mr - Owner