Published a year ago
In development
Windows; Nintendo Switch
The Tale of Bistun is an isometric action adaptation of a romantic story. The tale of a mountain carver named Farhad and the Armenian princess Shirin, who becomes the queen of Persia.

Farhad faces King Khosrow as a love rival. The king would step aside and allow Farhad to marry the princess, only if he can annihilate the mountain Bistun and carve out a new road.

This game features a brutal combat system which we call snap fighting. You can also explore the semi-open world during day and night.
The Tale of Bistun is an isometric narrative-driven action game for PC, Mac and Consoles. It is a tragic story through Persian Legends.

Through a long journey, full of hate and love, greed and devotion, faith and frailty, a man named FARHAD rises and makes a sacrifice for his beloved, SHIRIN. The Tale of Bistun has deep roots in the Persian Culture; it is an action adaptation of a real story narrated in poetry by Nizami Ganjavi who is considered as one of the greatest romantic poets of the 12th century, in Persian literature.

Untold story with unique narration.
Atmospheric setting wmphasized by a traditional Persian soundtrack.
Stunning stylish art with references to the Persian culture.
Semi-open world exploration to discover the limbo in Farhad's mind.
Brutal action-packed combat against foes based on original legends.
Amin Shahidi
3D Animator - Artist
Mohammad Najafi
3D Character Artist - Artist
Ehsan Tahmoures
Game/Narrative Designer - Writer
Majid Rahmani
Game / Level Designer - Designer
Soroush abasian
Real Time VFX Artist - Artist
Supported Platforms
Windows; Nintendo Switch