The Swamp Tribe(Final)
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Welcome to kegiri Swamp

Update 12/01/2018(Final)

This is my final video, i hope you liked it was a lot of work but it totally worth it, i have learned a lot, i will make more updates with more of the production process right now i need some sleep :), leave your comments, I really appreciate it.
Here is the complete scene runing on Unity2017.2 editor, no 3rparty edition was needed, the recorder plugin by Unity is really good it allowed me capture in 4k with an awesome compresion, it is a shame that it cant record the sound in Unity 2017.2
Recorder Plugin:!/content/94079

First thanks to Unity, this is a good opportunity to test some environment design techniques that I have wanted to put into practice for some time, my current day job as developer does not allow me to play with this stuff normally. This kind of community events should be more often at least one time per year, personally I'm learning a lot of different topics and also from other users, and it show how powerful and versatile is the Unity engine. I'm trying to record and document most of my process to share it with this amazing community.

I really like the Adam universe so for my project I picked some pices of the provided concept art to merge all in a same enviroment, also I make a background history for the environment and the peoples that live in it, this will be reflected on the props and mood of the whole project.

Background History:

At the Wetlands, a little further north of the Kegiri Mudhut village lives the swamp tribe, a group of humans who fled the city in company of their relatives already turned into robots by the regime. They decide to split into small groups, camping near abandoned buildings that were made by the “ancient” a lost order of scientology’s monks, currently nobody knows if there is any alive, and with them theirs mythic scientific knowledge disappeared. Those buildings are really old and unstable so they are mostly used to place theirs surveillance and communications equipment. The wetlands are a hard place to live, a very humid area where barely some genetic modify crops can grow, mainly rice is their main source of food. Sometimes if you know the right path you can seal in a boat throught the canals inside the swamp, only a few knows how to do it, they use it mostly to move resources between the small islands. You have to be carefully a wrong turn and you may go to a death trap.

Update 04/12/2017

Inside 3dMax I tried to match with low poly meshes the overall look and feel of the concept, later I test it in unity so I can see better the scale and proportions of the environment, and this will help me to make some production decisions.

Update 23/12/2017

For this building I start from the original concept, then I pick some references of real shacks, and I make some sketches to figure out how the overall structure could be (roof/support wood pillars), It was also important to try to build the pieces in a way of modular components that could be used to make other alike shacks buildings.
Materials selection: Although the Adam universe is located in a hi-tech future, based in the way of life of the tribe, and the geographic zone where the village is located primary I go for natural resource materials (Wood, straw, rocks, ropes, leather, silk, small industrials scraps).
The high and lowPoly were made in 3dMax, some details where sculpted in zbrush, and the cloth pieces were made in marvelous designer and back to 3dmax for retopo.Due to the limited time of the contest, I will try to avoid the high detail modeling in zbrush because is really time consuming for me, I will try to made all the extra detail in substance painter for most of the props.

Update 27/12/2017

Testing the KegiriShack in Unity + post-processing stack, also some basic terrain with megascan materials, for the terrain shader i use Microsplat shader (free).
Videos of the production of the KegiriShack

Update 01/01/2018

Hi guys, some sneak-peak of my currrent progress, I'm very happy with the current look and feel of the enviroment, still missing some 3d modeling(main building in the back), maybe i change the small tower by some pillars, all the feedback are welcome.
Update 03/01/2018
I use the same aproach for all the 3d models of the scene, as I mentioned before: modeling in 3dStudioMax, for the mains props I use zbrush to break the shape and ad some level of details, them back to Max for retopolgy and mapping, all the texture work was made in substance Painter, also i got some nice base materials from the substance source site thx to my monthly subscription plan.
Substance painter is my favorite texture program, it allows me to get amazing result very fast, you can export pbr textures, even it comes with a export preset for unity.

The List of Assets Used in this Scene

  • Post-Processing Stack v2(Free) -
  • Keijiro/RDSystem(Texture Effect-OpenSource) -
  • iTween(Scripting/Animation-Free) -!/content/84
  • Recorder(InGame Capture - Free) -!/content/94079
  • MicroSplat(Terrain Shader - Free) -!/content/96478
  • MicroSplat-Tessellation and Parallax ((Terrain Shader -Paid) -!/content/96484
  • Viking Village (Demo Project-Free) -!/content/29140
  • Lighting Optimization Tutorial (Demo Project-Free) -!/content/73563
  • Rustic Grass (Art/Grass textures - Paid) -!/content/76317
  • Rock and Boulders 3 -!/content/45643
  • Realistic Effects Pack4 -!/content/85675

lorenzo dominguez
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thx @alexis echemendia gonzalez it means a lot!!
Awesome!!!! the best for sure!! The winner is here :)
Farrukh Abdur
3 years ago
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Lovely beautiful work. Good luck Reminds me destiny style :)
Thx for all the comments (Jose,Farrukh,Karsten,Codie), i really appreciate the feedback
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Great work so far man! Like it a lot. Also nice technique with using Adam as a scale reference for your modeling needs. Really cool stuff going in here! Keep it up!!