The Stone Carver
This is an animation project I finished here in Spring 2017. Rather than doing rendered calculations from a 3D modeling software, I am working on doing my animations all real time inside of Unity, capturing with Fraps, and then doing post processing in After Effects and Premiere. The story is about a stone carver, Halvor, who lives in a remote mountain village and after making small reminders of those who have passed for years, sets out on a quest to find meaning in life after the death of his wife and son. One day Halvor encounters one of the village children admiring his work and playing on his scaffolding. This encounter will ensure the stone carver is remembered even after he is gone.
Jacob Nolt
3D Artist - Artist
Manu Pardal
2 years ago
Freelance Artist / Developer
This looks very promising! Let me know if you need a hand with some music ;)
Blair Koss
3 years ago
Creative Consultant
The artwork is gorgeous. Nice work with the physics.