The Source of Secrets
Published a year ago
why we Why do we create this work?
  • We are new users of Unity and hope to create our games through it.
  • After learning, Unity is really a great game engine.
  • I hope our efforts will be recognized.

What do we want to express?

  • Human beings have suffered great disasters, trying to extend human thoughts with the core of life
  • Yggdrasil vault gradually draw energy from the core of life and become intelligent.
  • Here is the secret the prophet has been exploring.
  • The prophet will understand the secret and live with this new form of life.

What we do

1、core of life
the core of life can Preserving human consciousness and memory.When consciousness and thought enter, it emits green light.

2、The Sphere of Creating the World
The Sphere of Creating the World was Originally an intelligent robot,With the development of the world, gradually become Yggdrasil vault‘s brain.

3、the bottom of the Yggdrasil vault
游戏项目总监 - Manager