The Slayer
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by Daniel Porras / 4Pillows Interactive - Final submission




Hi, I´m Daniel Porras a generalist videogame developer from Colombia. I'm a Graphic designer from LaSalle College Bogotá and Certified Cumputer graphic multimedia by LaSalle College Montreal, also I'm a 3d modeler, rigger and animator certified by Autodesk and a Unity certified developer. My solo game studio is called 4Pillows Interactive, I'm working in a stealth fantasy adventure videogame called Anthem of Roses and sometimes I work as freelance or remote employe, I have a wife and a little son. Right now I'm trying to find financial support to complete Anthem of Roses development. I worked "alone" on this challenge, it's the first 3d short film I made, and I said "alone" because the Unity Asset store really help me to increase the speed on the making of this scene, so thank you all the asset store devs and all the people from other sites like who shared a lot of interesting stuff and help the community :)


There were a lot of references: Blade Runner, Robocop, Ghost in the Shell, Total Recall, Metroid, I saw some photos of the night streets from Japan (they use a lot of lamps and neon), off course some of the projects made by Unity were a reference too, Adam, the Neon Scene and some of the artwork provided for this challenge.


I started with a simple draw of the robot with the white mask and also that draw was the reference for the final scene of the short film. That scene have some kind of violence, there's not blood, but at the beginning the robot girl was partially naked, in the final version I modeled and textured a suit for her.
After it, I modeled the slayer and the robot girl. To do it faster I used MakeHuman to create two base models. I created a model as reference for "the slayer" proportions and the face for the white mask. When the Slayer was complete I used the same legs and arms for the robot girl and the torso and head from the other MakeHuman model. I modeled it on Maya and sculpt some details on Mudbox (Like the suit). Ok, is time for our soldier. I made a simple draw of the soldier, after it I used MakeHuman again to have a proportions reference. I modeled all the body using solid shapes, only the head and the hands are from the original MakeHuman model, for the armor style I got inspired in the suit of Samus Aran and also In a toy of a character from an old Anime (I don't remember the name xD). The white soldiers are basically the same as the red soldier but with white textures and a black window in their helmet.
For the scene I made a quick draw to determinate the camera route and how the scene works. My workflow to model walls with doors and windows was: first I made a basic image (powered of two) on Photoshop or any similar software with the wall composition, after it, I created a Plane on Maya and load the image I made before, then I subdivided the plane and extrude using the texture as guide, It helped me to reduce time with the UVs because the model used the image as texture and the UV is exactly the image, after it, I separated the model on different parts and eliminated some edges that are not required and moved some edges on the UVs to correct some details.
I created a lot of props like the japanese lights, the neon labels and images on screens, the flying robot, some doors, windows, tubes, some motorcycles, a lot of extra characters, basic estructures, cables, but also there were a lot of Asset store tools that helped me to increase the construction of the scene, I used some like SF IMPERIAL Corvette F3 1.0, it is a ship but I used it as "modular" prop in different locations of the scene.
I used the post-processing stack v2 and started to activate the image effects when I was creating the scene, I added, bloom, color grading, tonemapping, vignatte, chromatic aberration, motion blur, depth of field, ambient oclussion and also the Volumetric fog from the Adam pack.
After it, the animation begins and the timeline and cinema machine join the project, I use the timeline to animate paths, animation state transitions and animation of some gameobject properties. I used Cinema machine for the composer tool to make better camera angles and moves.
Finally I worked on some details and rendered the scene using the Unity Recorder tool. I edited the video on HitFilm Express, I added some sound effects (some of the sounds were from, compose and produce the music with audacity and Cantabile 3.0, I used the Uhe Diva Synth, Uhe Repro-1 Synth, for violins I used VSCO2 Orchestra, for piano I used the vst daw TX16Wx with a fazzioli grand piano .sf2 I found time ago and used Protoverb to increase the reverb effect. ASSETS & TOOLS
  • KY Magic Effects Free 1.1.1 by Kakky (I used it for the electric power of the Slayer)
  • SCI-FI Modular Pack Free 2.0 by 256px
  • PBR Prop Mechanic Box 02 by Mandrill
  • Free Space Ships 1.0 by PM assets
  • Dieselpunk Hovercraft 01 PBR 1.0 by Alexandr Z
  • Star Fighter 1.0 by Zvorygin Alexander (this is high quality free asset)
  • Diesel Compressor 1.1 by IL.ranch
  • Dieselpunk_moto_01_PBR 1.0 by Alexandr Z (this is high quality free asset)
  • ATM 1.0 by CGY (this is high quality free asset)
  • SCI-FI Battery Pack Free 0.2 by 256px
  • Tiny Robots Pack 1.1 by Constantine Kliutko
  • Space Robot Kyle 1.0 by Unity Technologies
  • Speedball Player draft by Character Ink
  • Amanda Frost 1.0 by 3D Maesen
  • Sporty Girl 1.1 by Yurov Viktor
  • Rocks Free pack 1.0 by DEXSOFT-Games
  • Free Demo Rock 1.0 by Grumpntug
  • Stratos Class Cruiser 1.0 by Rusian Nazirov
  • SciFi Jet 1.0.2 by Righteous Games
  • SF IMPERIAL Corvette F3 1.0 by CGPitbull (This ship was really useful, I use it to increase the detail in walls, ceiling and more)
  • SpaceFighter 1.0 by Alexandr Voevodoy
  • Lowpoly Sci-Fi buildings set 1.0 by Karboosx
  • Sci-Fi Styled Modular Pack 1.0 by Karboosx (A great pack of modular assets, I used a lot of them for doors, windows and add more details in the walls)
  • Fire hydrant model 1.0 by Yodha Game Studio
  • Boxes 1.0 by Player's Town
  • Metallic Barrels 1.0 by KIVS
  • Urban Props 1.01 by BiSkit
  • Rock and Boulders 2 1.1 by Manofactura K4
  • Recorder 0.2 by Unity Technologies
  • Rain Drop Effect 2 1.6.1 by Globe Games
  • Cinemachine 2.1.10 by Unity Technologies
  • Raw Mocap Data for Mecanim 1.1 by Unity Technologies
  • Simple Decal System 1.1.1 by Wishmaster35 (great tool, really easy place decals everywhere)
  • Autodesk Maya LT
  • Autodesk Mudbox
  • Gimp
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Audacity
  • Cantabile 3.0
  • Unity 2017.3
  • UHE Diva
  • VSCO2 Orchestra
  • UHE Repro-1
  • TX16Wx
  • Protoverb


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UPDATE 2 - 16 DEC 2017

UDPATE 1 - 14 DEC 2017

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