The Showdown (Complete)
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Jude and Bart's duel on the planet Antioch

The Showdown

"You're making a big mistake, son."

The Locale

Antioch is the desert planet on which a portion of our upcoming VR scifi western game "The Wretched" takes place. It's run by a megalomaniac named Bartholomew who has direct control of everything from law enforcement and religion to prostitution and the lucrative sale of clean water. He had a statue of himself erected in the town square.
The world is solely inhabited by men and women escaping their past, mechanical servants and a handful of indigenous animals. Jude arrived after reaching the end of his rope and quickly found himself facing down the barrel of Bart's gun.

Planning phase

Though only a portion of our game takes place on Antioch, we felt it was the perfect place to show off a future world still firmly rooted in the past. For this challenge, we created a custom scene to showcase several different aspects of the planet.
At first, we were leaning toward an scene full of neon lights and future tech that glides through an alley in the Antioch Red Light District, but it seemed a lot of people were taking a similar approach.
Since our game is a western, we decided to switch gears and go with a staple of the genre, the classic showdown. We then fleshed out the area with a blend of future and western era elements.


After we finalized the idea, we made a basic blocked-out version of the scene to determine what assets we needed.
Then we hit the Unity Asset Store and Sketchfab to figure out what we could download and what we would need to model to bring the scene to life.


There were several game specific items we are going to use in "The Wretched" dropped into the scene to make it part of the universe.
Gas Station:
Monorail and Track:

All of our personal assets were modeled with Blender, the unity asset Archimatix Pro, Adobe Fuse, Marvelous Designer and MakeVR Pro and textured with the Quixel Suite.


All of the sounds in the video, as well as "The Wretched," were handcrafted by our Sound Designer, Eli Cordy. He's an atmospheric mad scientist that uses a lab of his own creation.

Post Processing and Video Creation

With some of the objects in place, we set to get the look just right using Unity's Post Processing Stack, Amplify Occlusion and the amazing Beautify. Mike wanted to really take it to the next level with effects and purposefully went over board with flares, bloom, and even some mad flickering bug that he ended up liking and used it for the final. Eli tracked the entire thing outside of Unity using renders as we went and then with the final score placed on the timeline Mike matched up the last sequences and fined tuned some animations. The cameras were trivial using the awesome-sauce of cinemachine and timeline.

Final Touches

We really wanted to make Antioch feel lived in. Artwork really makes a city feel like it breaths, so we hit the internet again and found a fantastic website that has royalty free clipart,
Then we used a free asset to paste that art all over town.

Assets Used

Here is the list of assets either in the scene or used to make it:


Amplify Occlusion:!/content/56739
Archimatix Pro:!/content/59733
Church 3D:!/content/68143
Fog Volume 3:!/content/81802
Hx Volumetric Lighting:!/content/67665
Futuristic Robot MK-01:!/content/47458
Games Props Pack:
Holographic Signs:!/content/4740
PBR Desert Landscapes:!/content/62770
Post Processing Stack:!/content/83912
Simple Decal System:!/content/13889
Rain Drop Effect 2:!/content/59986
Rain Maker:!/content/34938
Simple LOD:!/content/25366
Ultimate VFX:!/content/26701
Urban Town Pack - Middle Eastern:!/content/99580
Volumectic Blood Effects:!/content/36196
HQ PBR Mega Kit:
WorldSkies Free:!/content/86517


The following Sketchfab assests are licensed under CC Attribution
Abandoned building: by Marek Vesely
Creepy House: by forthefuture
Gypsy Bus House: by mlknz
Nova Class Dreadnought: by unaipl2003
Old Home: by mohsen_esfandiar
Satellite dishes with animations: by 3DHaupt
Sci Fi Fighter-MK6: by kathiastaff
Sci-fi Prop Modeling: by Jonathan
Sci-Fi Tower: by Jonathan
Sniper Railgun: by reizetsubou
Spherebot: by Bastien Genbrugge
Street Light: by klo works
Town Buildings 01: by Eclipse Engine
Water Tank: by Francesco Coldesina
The following Sketchfab assests are licensed under CC Attribution-NonCommercial
Animated Tower: by 3DHaupt
Hover Bike: by Ptis
Metal Water Tank: by 3DHaupt
Tower House Design: by 3DHaupt

Programs Used

Adobe Fuse:
Marvelous Designer:
MakeVR Pro:
Quixel Suite:

The Team

75% of Get Off the Roof Studios worked on this project:
Michael Kantack: The Brains
Alex Echols: The Brawn
Eli Cordy: The Boom

Alex Echols