The Shadow Within
Updated 2 years ago
Windows; Android
The Shadow Within is a puzzle based platform which challenges you to choose how you solve each level.. The levels get increasingly more complex and teasing which several enemies and paths to choose. Want to be a completionist? Find all the stars in the 28 levels to complete the game fully, or just find weird and wacky ways to complete levels to waste your time.
This was my first commercial game project. The concept for the game was made during a game jam called "Nerd Rage" at Cambridge Regional College, where the theme word was "Discombobulate". I won 4 of the awards for that game jam and went on the fully develop the game and even showcase it at E3 (2016).
While I did release this game to the commercial market on Google Play through my college games studio "Rizing Games". they have since had a change in course leader and thus the game has been removed from the store. I do plan, when I get the time, to get this back up online so it can be played again.
NOTE: this was not made in Unity, I made this in Game maker Studio 1.4 using GML.
Jonathan Carter
Indie Games Developer - Student
Game Languages
English; English, British
Supported Platforms
Windows; Android