The Sch-Que [ Final ]
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The Sch-Que

Final Submission

Created in Unity 2017.3


Hello everyone! When we saw the announce of Neon challenge we immediately decided to take part in it, as we like sci-fi theme, and also we like Unity. The two of us are making the project. We have been working in Unity for two years developing different VR projects, but after watching all three episodes of ADAM we got interested a lot about realtime render. So, we decided to challenge ourselves in this sphere.
It was interesting to work in Unity with different types of VFX such as Destructions, Cloth, Particle System and try some instruments like Cinemachine, Timeline, Post-Processing. So, we came up with an idea of a spaceship which crashes into a city after an accident and destroys it.

Week 1

  • First of all, we made some storyboards of our project and the spaceship concept.

  • Then we made a draft scene with cameras animations and started to do the blocking of the city. Also, we had an idea to make a trash mesa to show all the imperfection of the future chaos.

Week 2

  • We made some models of houses, which would be destroyed, and created their textures using Substance Painter. After that, we made a Terrain of our desert and textured it using CTS plugin

  • Modeled Trash Assets.(Made retopology and retextured models from Vitaly Bulgarov pack)
  • The first lighting setup was made with Fog Volume 3 plugin and Post Processing Stack.

Week 3

  • We positioned our houses in a desert scene. Added Desert roads, City road (asphalt was textured in Amplify Shader)

Added Desert road (was modelled in 3ds Max, textured in Quixel Suite)

  • Added City road (asphalt was textured in Amplify Shader)

Week 4

  • It was the last week of the year, and we wanted to finish all the main elements, such as city, spaceship, and desert. We understood though that there was a lot to do ahead.
  • We worked with lighting, fog, post processing, and made Draft shots in Unity using Cinemachine and Timeline.

Week 5

  • We found Beautiful Rigged Character Asset (!/content/12980 ) and retextured a bit it in Quixel Suite.

  • Then we modeled main character’s transport
  • Added animated cloak using Vertex animation.

  • Simulated Buildings Destruction in Houdini and export to Unity.

Week 6

The last week of the challenge. We added some new details such as City Transport, Signs, Gates, Volumetric Lights, Nuclear explosion. Transport, Destruction, Cameras was animated in Timeline.
We optimized destruction and added particles (their textures were made in Houdini). Also, we added particles from Mirza to spaceship, motorcycle.
Then it was Final cinemachine cameras setup, post processing and lighting setting for each shot. With Cinemachine we managed to implement Control of the movement of the viewer's eyes option.

  • Our friend, who was literally impressed with our project, decided to help us and improve it. So, he made SFX. (Thank you so much, Roman!!!)

Week 7

  • We fixed some weak spots and rendered final submission. The video was rendered in Unity and titers were made in After effects (and this is the only thing that wasn’t made in Unity)

We thank Unity for this Awesome Challenge and precious experience.


Fog Volume 3 (!/content/81802)
CTS (!/content/91938)
Amplify Shader (!/content/68570)
Ultimate VFX (!/content/26701)
Nuclear Expllosion (!/content/105589)
Speedball Player (Free) (!/content/12980)
Cinemachine (Free) (!/content/79898)
Post processing Stack (Free) (!/content/83912)
ATM (Free) (!/content/95057)
Volumetric Lights (GitHub) (
Vasiley Zeenchook
. .. .... ...... - Other
Maxim Egorov
The Sch-que - Artist
Good job Max!
Isa Koçak
2 years ago
That destruction was so... epic. Great job
Rebecca Harrison
2 years ago
Surfacer at Tangent Animation/SHG
Excellent job! So emotional :O Though I really thought the motorcycle guy might be able to stop it from crashing...
Game Developer
Really nice, you done a pretty good job, congratulations!
Nicolas Bulchak
2 years ago
CG Artist
well done
Francisco Fontes
2 years ago
Senior Unity Developer
Nice work.