The Prophet - final
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Hello, my name is David Aguero, I'm new to unity, but I'm familiar with game assets and pbr workflows, I used the first two weeks to learn the basics of unity.

Personal note: I wanted to share my experience with unity. I came from a background of 3d modelling and render soft, so jumping to unity was very challenging, you can't take for granted anything, adding effects are not easy, lots of protocols and version issues, the graphic engine is great, but the coolest asset I wanted to use, I couldn't ( The Blacksmith: Unique Character Shadows and The Blacksmith: Atmospheric Scattering ) I never got it to work properly. Apart from that I got some very serious issues, like losing half of the work I did closing to the deadline, to be exact, I worked in two machines ( pc and laptop) I got power surge problem so I worked with the same scene in my laptop, when I tried to merge the scenes, I renamed my pc scene file so I wouldn't overwrite , but unity updated my pc scene file with the laptop scene even if the have different file names, with only 2 hours left to deadline I was crush, I manage to salve whatever I can and re made some to deliver the best I was able to, so my final entry miss a lot of robots, animations, assets, I'm not happy with my entry from working with render engines I did miss some features that needs to be native in Unity, like, soft shadows, atmospheric scattering and the option in the main shaders to be double sided. Also alembic native support
  1. Assets used: Timeline Cinemachine Post Processing Stack Double Sided Shaders Recorder AlembicImporter 90% of 3d assets were modelling and textured by me

Concept This is an original concept made by me
The story Every once in a week, the prophet walks out of the citadel, with him, life and energy emerges, the weak grow stronger, the starving replenish. Living Out side the citadel is for sure a slow dead sentence...

WIP 6 unity scene

WIP 4 - Progress modelling 2
WIP 3 - Progress modelling
WIP 2 - Basic modelling (blocking)
WIP 01 - Character concept
David Aguero
Freelance 3D generalist & concept design - Artist
David Aguero
2 years ago
Freelance 3D generalist & concept design
Blair RenaudBeautiful concept. Good luck to you :)
Thanks, I really appreciated your comment!
David Aguero
2 years ago
Freelance 3D generalist & concept design
ChristianMuy bueno, che. Felicitaciones
Muchas gracias! saludos
2 years ago
Developer / Entepreneur
Muy bueno, che. Felicitaciones
Blair Renaud
3 years ago
CEO/ Director
Beautiful concept. Good luck to you :)