The Professor Presents: #GOTHANDLES
Tech Direction and Development for Secret Location, for Mountain Dew. "The Professor and Mountain Dew have teamed up for the first-ever virtual reality video game to feature live action elements. The Professor kicks the game off with a crazy dribbling sequence while challenging you, the player, to match him bounce for bounce. The game uses the latest in Room-Scale interactive tech, motion capture, combination of CG and Live Action, unique control scheme and spatial sound to create an immersive gameplay environment that includes the ability to challenge the Professor or just work on your virtual handles and jumpshot. Dew worked with the very first Emmy award winning VR production studio, Secret Location, to create the game. Read more at
Have what it takes to go head to head with one of the greatest ball handlers of all time? #GotHandles puts you on the court with streetball legend The Professor to see if you can match him move for move. Interact, dribble, and compete to see how many of The Professor's moves you can complete.
Glen Rhodes
Freelance Developer / Author - Programmer
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