The Penguin and the Dragon
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Linux; Windows; Android
Arcade game, built for Android. Involved two competing penguins diving into dragon-infested waters to grab treasures to impress the same girl. Available on the App Store.
This did an excellent job at introducing me to the Unity interface. I also used it to improve my knowledge of Blender (which has traveled worlds since then) and LMMS. I kept things small for my first game. It's currently available on the App Store; I may update it to a modern version of Unity and touch it up again after my current project.
Human language is kept to a minimum, as I had no opportunity to have it translated at the time. (Currently English-only.) I have versions built for Windows and Linux too, available via Patreon; though they may be in need of a touch-up; phones are generally closer to 2:1 resolution, which makes for a strange fit on monitors.
Michael Macha
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Linux; Windows; Android