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The Orphan Dreams Download] [Xforce] --

About This GameThe Orphan Dreams is a permadeath adventure game combined with RPG elements. The game starts at an orphanage and the player takes control of an orphan child.Step into the universe of The Orphan, who in his dream finds a letter from his own mother he has never seen before. While he takes his time to discover the truth about his family, he’s also about to find out the dark secrets of the orphanage. Features: Old-school style gaming rules: No checkpoints, no retries, no mercyHand-drawn graphics in 2.5D perspective, allowing both simple controls and a sense of depth2 full chapters, consisting of diverse levels of both the real and the dream worldA combination of two gameplay mechanics: Fight with monsters and loot chests filled with random items in the dreams world; eat, sleep and explore the orphanage in the real worldQuick time events and various puzzles with time limitsHidden areas and bossesMultiple endings: Only the true ending will let you play Chapter 2An unlockable High-Score Mode Disclaimer: Despite it's cartoony graphics and childish looks, The Orphan Dreams contains some scenes with violence and gore. This game is not a suitable gift for kids! Upcoming: Additional support for more languages. b4d347fde0 Title: The Orphan DreamsGenre: Adventure, Casual, Indie, RPGDeveloper:Tayfun TunaPublisher:Tayfun TunaRelease Date: 27 Apr, 2016 The Orphan Dreams Download] [Xforce] Totally recommend this game. Hands down the best Indie-Horror I have played. Love how it starts out so innocent but messes with your mind the next moment. The only downside is how quick the dark bubbles reappear. I would like them to remain popped a little longer.. This is a simple, "story" driven adventure point and click game. I use inverted commas for "story" because the story is very poorly told and comes across as the product of a high school kid who's seen too many horror movies and needs to write something so he doesn't fail his literature class. But fails anyway. To make things worse, graphics and gameplay here are truly woeful, very low effort hand drawn graphics, minimal polish. The same effort went into the gameplay which is the vessel for the terrible story... mostly just running between screens and occasionally clicking on things.If you want a decent novel, project gutenberg has thousands of free books. If you want a decent visual narrative, watch TV. This doesn't have any decent story, and yet, unlike most games, also lacks any decent kind of gameplay.Kudos to the developer for the reckless ambition to charge $3 for this.. Ok, I've taken a while to finish the game, but I can say it was a nice experience.Pros:- Great graphics, I really love the art style- Nice soundtrack and sound effects- Interesting story and the playable character is very cute- Rogue-lite style, so not being able to save is not a big deal (each chapter is very short and easy - I only failed once)Cons:- Memory puzzle gets repetitive, as it is overused.- Clicking bubbles in a time limit is very annoying- You unlock chapter 2 only if you get the true ending, and the game forgets you unlocked it after you leave the game (had to replay the game because I had to leave before finishing the game).- Chapter 2 does not end the game, so this game is incompleteConclusion:I got this 75?% off, so it was a good deal. I only recommend the game if you get it on a very good sale.. Have some mixed feelings about this game but overall I can recommend it for the price.Pros:* Exploration and hidden boss fights* Surprising atmosphere with little bit adventure & little bit rpg* The joy of reaching the true endingCons:* Time limit for some puzzles make you pull your hair. Seriously* Not perfectly polished but good enough for me* The game does not tell you what to do, again I'm perfectly fine with this. My YouTube video of part 1 - of all, I would call this game more of an experience than a game. While it hints at a "gameplay" aspect, it's really more like an interactive little art film with a couple mini games thrown in. While I would say that the memory game isn't as bad once you know how to exploit it, that aspect of the game just isn't fun. Memory is an entertaining concept for a child, and adding an unforgiving timer doesn't add to the fun or challenge, just the frustration. It would be like making you play hop scotch on hot coals. Adding annoyance to a kid's game doesn't make it better, just painful and embarrassing to screw up at as an adult.Where The Orphan Dreams really shines though, is the pace. It gives you just enough time to absorb the situation, move on to the next scene, and then it throws you for a loop. I feel like I needed a counter for every time I said or thought "Now what the f*ck is that?!" in genuine surprise. Little details immerse you and make you want to see just a little bit more, and it's well worth it.I only got through part 1 so far, but it was a blast to do it, and I'm looking forward part 2. I hope Tayfun has some more twisted stories to tell in the future, because I'll certainly be watching for the next game.. The game is just a series of timing/memory puzzles. Nothing more. It gets to the point of frustration replacing enjoyment. The puzzles are not difficult in a mindbending way but rather a hair pulling way in that they require exteme quickness with your mouse and memorizing the layout while being timed on a very short clock. They are all doable but it is not what I would call a thinking mans puzzle type of game. As a diehard lover of puzzle/adventure games I really did not like this game. It may appeal to others but for me it didn't hack it. Blind faith can be costly at times. luckily for me it was only 4 bucks.. Totally recommend this game. Hands down the best Indie-Horror I have played. Love how it starts out so innocent but messes with your mind the next moment. The only downside is how quick the dark bubbles reappear. I would like them to remain popped a little longer.. This game is creepy, makes me think of those salad finger videos on youtube. I like the music and the artstyle. The tree has some artifacts on it but that was the only problem I saw.I do not like the puzzles but that is just me. Overall I think it's a interesting game and worth a look.. Pretty good game.. If Salad Fingers made a game...
Sonya Blount