The Opus Joyous Show and Movie
I'm creating a full movie and TV series using Unity as my main program for editing, VFX and ever color grading. Leaning on Cinemachine and Unity Timeline as my editor it's been fun. Challenging technically sometimes but fun. I've been using the video player for the characters which were shot with a green screen. I then key them in Unity living a Chroma Key Asset. I choose Unity for the PBR / realtime rending and ease of use. I love creating virtual sets and then being able to move around in them, adjust colors and edit scene cut all in Unity. Unity combines my love of animation, VFX, video editing a bit of coding. It's a one stop shop now. Amazing program. Once the movie and TV series is done, I'll already have things lined up to export in VR or a game which is really awesome as well. Excited by the potential that Unity has to offer.
Jason Taylor
Founder, Opus Joyous Studios - Designer