The Old Future
Published a year ago
My world concept for the Unity Neon Challenge.

Greetings to all! Pleased to present to you my project "The Old Future"

The idea of the project:

The theme of the competition "The new world". I tried to depict the concept in which I see our world. In my opinion, our universe is only a grain of sand on the shores of the endless beach. Don't know what is on the outside, but I thought it would be interesting. So whether it happened or not - to judge you.

Detailed description of the idea:

There is a room in which there is a technological cube that is a generator of energy. This generator serves as a heat source of the room, so she could fulfill her role. The cube works by converting the energy of "elementary particles" that are in it. These elementary particles the universe is composed of many, many galaxies, solar systems and planets. But there comes a point when the energy of the "particle" ends, causing the cube stops working, hence room is no longer able to perform its functions.
But really, this is just the tip of the iceberg of these rooms are full, and, in fact, they play a very important role.
P. S. unfortunately I started working on a project with 08.01.18, so did not have time to complete the work in time. So much was not realized, and realized not all was done as intended. However, it was a rewarding experience. Therefore, despite the fact that I don't have time to finish the project on time, I still decided to bring the work to what is more or less the final result and to share it with you. Screenshots

Alien Prism - Designer