The Museum of the Past (WIP)
Published a year ago
The Museum of the Past
This is an experimental interactive survey sent from the future... that also happens to use Cinemachine, Timeline and the new Post Processing Stack in 2017.

Overview of Creation Process

Hi, I'm Ina Yosun Chang - a team of one person who has been making stuff like this for quite a long time.
The narrative inspiration for the entry was the theme of the "future" or a new world. I wanted initially to find an asset store scene that looked like what George Simeonov provided. However, I ended up sticking to an even more "meta" concept of a survey being sent from the environment of the future from what then would have become The Museum of the Past.
A key part of this includes using BlendShapeRecorder elements to use my iPhone X to live record a mesh stream of me talking as the future yoface head. However, this is bleeding edge stuff that I just finished a few hours before making this video - so I wasn't able to get the frame rate and audio to sync up. :-(

Explanation of Asset Store, Cinemachine, Timeline, and Post Processing Stack Usage

All asset seen are from the asset store or cgtrader or turbosquid - except the HoloYummy 3D food and the neon sign Museum of the Past. Timeline was used for the entire narrative. Cinemachine virtual cameras are used throughout. And, I hope you notice the post processing stack usage. And I'm out of time. Thanks!

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