The most exact memory
Published a year ago
How a place could change everything
This is my room, in the city where I was born, circa. 2012. This place, before moving to the university was my world, my fort, my home. I remembered It was here where I had the first concepts for my stories, for my projects, I remembered It was here where I drew for the first time my favorite original characters.
Earlier in 2012 my room was very different from the model. I didn't had a desk or shelves or lamps. I didn't had even a closet. Then, that year, my father built all of them with his own hands. He made a complete remodeling of my room.
He knew back then that I wanted to do animation when grown up. He always believed that I could do everything with the correct environment (And He stills today).
Since the beginning middle education I had guitar lessons at school, in 2012 (In my second year) I started to write songs also or composing sounds in the computer and experimenting for future animatics. Here in my room I played the guitar and It was there where I composed all of the songs. (And It was the only place where I could sing freely, because I was too shy).

Now, in second year of College, It's a little bit different, It feels like It lose a little bit of his essence, but the memories It stills there.
Made with Blender in a Low Poly style. In the meshes there are a combination of texturing and color material.
Max Ramirez