The MecWarriors
I started The MecWarriors back in 2013 as a way to share my Mecanim knowledge with other users of the Unity 3D game engine. After its initial release the toolset was rather tricky to use, and I wanted to smooth out the learning curve for users that were new to visual animation networks. I created a blog and a set of learning resources to accomplish this. I got pretty great at writing technical tutorials over time, and I even created video tutorials after a while which really gave me a nice grounding in basic video editing skills that I hope to use in future projects. The goal of each tutorial was to explain each step in a simple process as thoroughly as possible so that readers could not only learn the steps they needed to get things moving, but also so they understood why each step was taken. While The MecWarriors seemed to be a resounding success with Unity learners, it wasn't quite functional as a sustainable business, and I decided to shutter the site and move onto other pursuits in 2015. The Unity poject files I used for each of the tutorials are still available on my Github page (aormsby) for those still looking to learn from my work. Contract Work: I also took on a lot of Mecanim-related contract work while The MecWarriors were around. A video showing off some of that work is attached here.
Adam Ormsby
Freelance Developer - Programmer