The Market
Published a year ago
In an Asteroid, far, far away...
The search for the great Energy Orb has brought Joe Blitz, one of the best treasure hunters of the galaxy, to a market on one asteroid of the outer rings of the A-735 asteroid belt. But the market is also known by the Creed of the Shadows, a gang that is said to have its headquarters in the deepest room of the market.
How I used the ASSET STORE: To download cinemachine and post-processing stack.
How I used CINEMACHINE: I was impressed of how good this program is designed, allowed me to do very good cinematic shots, especially to show off the rooms and the asteroid itself, I was also very happy of the action shot of the Food Court, though if you blink you miss the ray gun lazers because it happens soo fast.
How I used POST-PROCESSING STACK: I added this cool vignete around the camera, the skybox looked just divine with it, and once it had it, I wondered how I had been able to live without it.
How I used the TIMELINE: Well to animate :P, but not any kind of animation: Just as Voxels are kind of the 3D version of sprites, I decided to animate in a 3D version of 2D animation, just as to animate a 2D character you change the sprite to a different one, I instead of rotating the arms and legs to make the character walk made 3 meshes to get the walking animation. However no one else does this so Unity timeline does not have an option for "Change Mesh" so instead I used Activation tracks to activate and deactivate child gameobjects in the characters that have the desired mesh. I also used it to give the bad guys this death animation that is so dumb I consider it funny--they just fall through the floor, if it were a full HD game it would look so bad but because its voxels it doesn't :P.
Here some screenshots I took every now-and-then of the work, from the modeling to putting the vignete in the camera (Not in cronological order - the order messed up when I uploaded them and its 2:52am and I got school tomorrow... in 5 hours):
I've always liked voxels over high resolution and spheres, so I made what nobody thought was possible: Contest in a graphics challenge with cubes.
So, I must say Im very proud of what I accomplished here, It could have been so much better but, ah; I literally didn't know the challenge existed but until January 11, that and school and FRC meetings left me so little time to do this. And as the lights are extremely heavy I tried lightmapping, however the whole scene is about 3 meshes, so it freezed 20 hours and then crashed. (20 hours of perfectly usable sunday evening to monday's morning that were wasted :c). And well, my 2013 Laptop is not even strong enough to film and play this at the same time, so the only script there is in the whole scene has "Time.timeScale = 0.25f" in the void Start(). With that and 4x video speed in ms movie maker I could recreate a "vivid" demonstration.
Tried putting music in it but failed :B

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