The March
Stratego-based quick competitive multiplayer game
The March is my graduation project. It's a tactical, Stratego-like game with short matches and extreme replayability. The game takes place on a 15x3 grid field. The objective of the game is to break through the ranks of the enemy and have at least one of your rows reach the other side. You're only allowed to perform a single action each turn, and an action is either moving or attacking. You can only attack directly forwards, and you can only move one space. The game features full networking over-internet capabilities.
The graduation project was made for our client, YoudaGames and Jumbo. The game was made using Unity. It has been optimized for mobile and tablet playability. We are currently developing the project into a full game independently. The code of the graduation project is publicly available on: GitHub (
Frank van Wattingen
Unity Developer - Programmer