The Magic Acorn
Updated 10 months ago
A Magical 2D open world adventure!

Created by: Stefan Ilic
The Magic Acorn is an open world adventure game set in a magical autumn environment.
The protagonist is a little squirrel which uses her magical acorn to overcome all obstacles encountered on her travels. The acorn, conveniently called Magic :), stores all weapons, gadgets and trinkets that you collect on your journey.
As you progress through the game both the squirrel and Magic will grow in experience, and as their bond becomes stronger so will their powers and abilities. All of the challenges and puzzles that you encounter will require the team to work together to overcome them.
Do not let the endearing duo and the cozy atmosphere fool you, because at it's core The Magic Acorn is an action adventure metroidvania, and the combat is just as big of a focus as the exploration. You will use the acorn's magical properties, as well as brute strength, along with crafting many interesting and varied weapons to increase your combat potential. The other animals are corrupted by a mysterious force and you need to release them from it's evil grip...usually by smacking some sense into them!

Unity Features:

  • 2D Sprite Shape
  • 2D Cinemachine
The new Unity Sprite Shape feature was very useful in bringing the world to life while also drastically speeding up the development process. The strip profile was mostly used to quickly add both physical and decorative terrain to the game.
2D Cinemachine was an excellent way to easily add a dynamic and responsive camera that follows the player. Combining the main orthographic camera using Cinemachine and multiple perspective cameras it was very simple to add a realistic looking parallax effect.
The game uses 2D physics as well, and the bridge in this demo was made using Unity's hinge joints, which made it react realistically inside the physics environment. All of these features are demonstrated in the video below:

The Animation Process:

The natural look of the animations was achieved using the external tool Spine. IK's, mesh deformation and smooth mixing between animations were all achieved using this software.

About the Studio

My name is Stefan Ilic, I live in Belgrade, Serbia and The Magic Acorn is my first official game. Up until now this was solely a one man passion project, but I'm excited to say that I have a couple of people joining me in development. The music and sounds in the demo were entirely done by my close friend and colleague Veljko Marojevic.
Stefan Ilic
Stefan Ilic
10 months ago
Irenelooks really really cute! good job & good luck! :)
Thank you, you too!
10 months ago
Game Developer
looks really really cute! good job & good luck! :)