The Little Grim
Published a year ago
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The Little Grim is a small screen bashing adventure of a little Grim Reaper trying it’s best to become a big Grim Reaper.
I've been working on this for a bit over a year now with the idea that I could combine an idle screen basher with a bit of adventure. The player has a few choices when playing. Help the Grim by bashing objects and then bashing ghosts, or bash objects and activate auto mode and let the grim take care of ghosts, or both. Move from room to room helping as many ghosts as you can with the chance of spawning powerful corrupt ghosts that drop special treasures. Upgrade and customize your Grim and try out an almost endless mode where you can just sit and watch your Grim collect gold. It's currently in Beta on the Android app store.
  • Enter the world of the living with over 100 area’s of ghost bashing excitement.
  • Bash hundreds of objects with ghosts hiding inside them.
  • Discover the truth of the Haunted Hotel, the missing Captain and the mysterious darkness.
  • Help over 70 unique ghosts.
  • Find 50 pieces of missing treasure.
  • Collect TONS of gold to help you power up your Grim Power, Spells, Energy and buy items that make you stronger.
  • Unlock hats, scythes, hair, skulls, eyes, wings, robe colors and even pets during your adventure.
  • Over 160 items to customize the look of your Little Grim.
  • Find random treasure chests throughout the Hotel.
  • Ascend up to 10 times gaining a Power multiplier, Gold multiplier and unique items each time.
  • Defeat Powerful corrupted ghosts that possess even greater power and more gold.
  • Attempt The Rift with over 1000 levels of ghost bashing, gold collecting, treasure discovering fun!
  • Help your Grim Bash ghosts or activate Auto Grim to let it take em out alone… or do both!
  • Become the most powerful Little Grim in all the land or just look really cool trying.
  • Free to play with optional in game Ads to gain additional energy and GrimSkulls (currency)

cameron Kitching
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