The Legacy Forest: Unity 2017.3
The Legacy Forest : procedurally created Environment running in Unity 2017.3.
Over the years I've spent plenty of time working with procedural systems such as GAIA, Vegetation Studio and Terrain Composer, just to name a few from the Asset Store. The Unity platform has evolved at such an incredible rate. Navigating through all the iterations dating back to the early 3.0 days. I've adapted to most of the changes and accepted that some of the tools I've build or purchased might be obsolete by the time Unity 2018.1 is released this spring.
The Legacy Forest, was a chance for me to explore further, some of these tools and assets and get everything working harmoniously in the editor. Unity 2017.3 is the most stable version to date. It quickly allowed me to generate this landscape. And more importantly, the process is much more enjoyable and predictable now due to the great updating support from the developers of these assets.
Although, I'm just scratching the surface. Implementing A.I on wild life and NPC's, adding infinite dynamic Points Of Interest, Time Of Day changes.. the list goes on. But, all is possible and is actually fun, creative and rewarding to implement. The process in my opinion resembles more or less how a chef prepares a dish. Combining ingredients together and tasting along the way. As a seasoned 3D Artist continuing the journey into solo game development for almost a decade now, the best is yet to come.
Thanks for watching, Bon Appétit!
Pascal Chaumette
2D/3D Technical Artist:Unity Game Development - Artist