The Last Ryan
Published 2 months ago
In development
A Space Themed Action Adventure RPG 3rd Person Shooter

The game is set in a unique galaxy known as The Expanse. With a long and rich history. Some of which the player will learn about during the game.

PREMISE: You are the Last Ryan, a descendant of a long line of heroes and great people. There are those who would wish you dead, and as such your identity has been hidden from you. The player will uncover their identity and make their own mark as the last of the Ryan line, through discovery, an ancient conspiracy, wondrous lands, interesting people and aliens, powerful foes and allies, and progress through unique story.
3rd Person Player Control with animated interactive actions.
  • In-depth combat and ragdoll effects with multiple types of ranged and melee weapons that all perform and act differently.
  • Story-driven gameplay through interaction, dialog, mission, choices, etc.
  • Companions with individual AI and unique dialog.
  • Unique equipment system, the player can equip a One-handed weapon, an off-hand, a heavy weapon, a ranged weapon, a shield, armor, helmets, hoverbikes, datapads, and utility items.
  • Hoverbikes for travel and racing, with unique hoverbike mechanics and multitudes of hoverbkes that all perform differently.
  • Ship and crew system allowing the player to travel the galaxy with their companions.
  • Minigames like hacking, engineering, lockpicking, and scanning.
  • Crafting and augments, players will be able to augment their weapons and armor with augment slots at specific workbenches.
  • Living environment (to a degree) with hovercars flying around, NPC's walking around, performing actions (like hopping on a hoverbike and flying off), talking to eachother, sitting down, sleeping, enemies wandering about, etc. Similar to games like Skyrim.
  • Complex entity interactions with other entities, with a weighted faction system allowing certain animal types to attack eachother, or multiple groups of enemies fight one another, or 2 entities getting into a brawl in a bar.
  • Afflictions there are a number of afflictions that can be afflicted by damage or affliction areas that affect all entities. Including a live mutation system that mutates living creatures and turns them against others.

  • Combat attack combos, power attacks, dodging, blocking, etc.
  • NPC & Enemy AI and scripted control
  • Complex Dialog and Realtime Lipsyncing
  • Vehicles
  • Swimming and underwater areas
  • Ship flight and possibly space combat
  • Skill system
  • Minigames related to skills
  • Stats and Attributes system
  • Weighted entity factions (allowing for complex interactions)
  • Equipment and Augment system
  • Crafting and schematics system
  • Thorough tutorial help system
  • And so much more but it's getting late.
Robin Trantham
Game Developer & Software Engineer - Programmer
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