The Last Nightmare
The Last Nightmare is an action game made in Unity3D in which the protagonist fights against the monsters in his nightmare.
Everyone wish a soothing sleep at night so do I, but what I got is a dreading nightmare. Do you ever felt like you trapped inside a dream? What if that dream was creepy!!. That's what happened to me. Scary dreams were always my worst companions but this time things got worst. That was on a rainy day, I had a quality time with my family after that I went to bed. I had encountered with my worst fear there on my bed, a spider!!. I screamed and mom came to my rescue. I never thought that would be a creepy sign of what’s gonna happen next. On the middle of night I heard a strong thunder strike. I woke up with fear and about to run to my parents. I realized that whole room was changed. I could distinctly saw the walls of my room became creepy and dull. I cried for my parents, but no reply. I heard a howling, blood-chilling nightmarish sound.
Vishakh B
Games Architect - Producer
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