The Last Mine
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Save our World, save our ways
Hi, I am Chinweuba by name.want to thank everyone at Unity Technology for this great tool and for this challenge.
My Project is based on the Movie Avatar where mankind explore the resources of another planet without caring about the inhabitant of the planet, having discovered the power of the Red Diamond Crystals the Alien stole it from the inhabitant and used it as a source of energy to power there mine.

The Scene of this project show cased the exterior environment of the mine by the Three Being gods called Chioma invaded it and took the Red Diamond Crystal back from the Aliens.
Ultimate Fantasy Creator
Post Processing Stack
Ultimate Cannon Tower(free)
Sci-Fi Scout Drone(free)
WarZone Environment Pack(free)
Moba Fantasy Environment Pack
Afro Shaman
Rocks and Boulders
Reference Materials
Asset Store Usage
Over the years, Unity Asset store have grown to become the hub and meeting ground for both developer,designers and programmers. This have bridged the gap between game developers. Technically one don't need a mega budget and mega team to develop a game anymore,Thanks to the Unity asset Store
The Timeline editor was used to animate every moving beat in the scene while providing the platform on which the cinemachine runs.
The Cinemachine is a monster on its own, giving you the power to be a movie developer,director, Camera Position manager,camera angel analyst and so on. One can really appreciate the efforts that goes into scene and move production ones you use the Unity Cinemachine.
The Cinemachine hands all the power of movie scene and shots to you, but with great power comes great responsibility,over the course of my project development I learned some pitfalls which new beginners will likely be a victim to( But don't worry, the Undo Button still works just "Ctrl Z") and you are back.
One of this pitfall being creating more than one virtual camera at once with hope that you can work with the individually once you are done, this is quite difficult( ie working with the virtual camera individually) because the camera will only display the scene from the last virtual camera.
Secondly, before making a cinemachine virtual camera in your scene, you need to have a clear idea of how the camera scene relates to each other, which scene translate to which scene, Although the Timeline gives you the opportunity to drags Animation clips along to reposition it within the Timeline, it can be frustrating and takes a lot of time figuring out which clip to drag to which position.
The best feature in the Cinemachine is the blend features. One only need to play with it to see how easy and fun it is.
The Post Processing stack is used also as it gives you effects which could be hard to achieve ordinarily, however In my scene , after attaching the Post Processing behavior script to the main camera, the effects didn't show ( Have no idea why it happened but I am using Unity 2017.3), however I over come this problem by deleting the Initial Main Camera and adding a new camera and rename it to "main camera". Everything worked fine from there.
Archimetrix and Ultimate fantasy Creation
Archimetrix is the next big asset in unity asset store as it gives you the opportunity to model your prefabs directly in comes with great library of assets too.
The Ultimate fantasy creation is a complete pack from anybody that seeks to develop ancient kingdoms and environments.
Ultimate VFX.
The assets store have it all, from models to animation to particles just name it. The particles in the scene is from Ulltimate VFX by Mirza Beig. its is customizable and flexible.

I hope you like it. Thanks