The last living
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Project description
Hi !
A little contribution by a little indie game studio, we delivred our best for this challenge. We started this challenge really late, and have only one week for concept art to final shoot but it was very fun, we all enjoy this challenge.
We make the choice of the post-apocalyptic futruistic scene. Because is an different approch of what the futur could be and broke the scifi style.

Some WIP :

One of our first shot : The second shot with the zombie bird of the initial project, but we didn't have enough time to finish the animations :
Some Final render image shot :

And our final projet video shot :

We use some asset like :
  • Post Processing Stack
  • Volumetric Lightning
  • Fog Volume
  • Cinemachine
  • Unity Recorder
My greatest regret was to not having the time to improve the camera path and smoothing, and to integrate our grass shader based on heightmap gradient for the displacement.

Guillaume Panait
Hi ! - Programmer