The Last King Of Pamplamol
Published 9 months ago
A tactical game where you must save your kingdom from the end of the world.
In Pamplamol you control a king who have to save his kingdom from a certain apocalypse caused by diverse calamities (gobelins, plague and cultist).
The game is an arcade/Tactical RPG where your goal is to survive the more days as possible by managing well your ressources.
There is two different gameplay phases everyday in the game :
The first one is the Royal Phase where you have an overview of your town and you have to play cards to protect your city from calamities. Your kingdom is divided in 4 districts. You lose when your 4 districts are destroyed. A district is destroyed when, it reach ten points in a calamity. Every Royal Phase, calamity cards are drawn randomly on each district to increase calamity points. You have to play cards on district to heal calamity points on this district. Then you have to send your army onto a quest to collect new cards to protect your city.
The second one is the Commando Phase where you control the head of the king’s army and you have to complete the objectives quest by exploring the environment and fighting enemies.

Thomas Fuentes
Unity C# developper - Programmer
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