A Village too large (Free Assets Only) - Milos Baskic - Neon Challenge Final Submission
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A Village too large - Milos Baskic - Neon Challenge Final Submission
NOTE1: Shortly before the end of the submission deadline, the Unity Recorder was updated and that caused the MP4 video format to not work (At least on my machine.). I am afraid that I can not provide a High res video for this reason. I hope you enjoy what is available.
NOTE2: All of the assets will be free (neon signs are manual). The scene will be optimized (my machine is not strong).
Quick about me: Studying Computer animation 1st semester at the FH Salzburg, got in to 3D trough Unity in 2010. If I can make such a scene as a side project while working and studying, ANYONE CAN!
Inspiration: The Unity asset store is a great tool, and I always found it extremely useful, but never really had the drive and motivation do do something with it. With this competition I finally had an 'Excuse' to actually use the free tools at my disposal.
Basic idea: The settlements of the world have been growing and growing ever larger. And now they are all one. No longer distinguishable one from another. Planned construction is a thing of the past, and war is without a purpose, since no greater goal can be achieved. All that's left, are petty crimes and every day life. This scene shows the unloading area of a flying transport vehicle (Above the warehouse*)
The process is retrospective but the days are chronological, so when reading the day, imagine it going from the morning towards the evening.
A few Pictures:

  • Process:
  • These silhouettes were added after the recorder went haywire so they are not visible in the short animation clip.
  • The picture bellow shows what They would have looked like. I do not think they stick out when properly placed in the shadows, even though in good lighting they are obviously not finished. The characters even come with a few animations. Sadly I can not show those for mentioned reasons. (Pack: Crafting Mecanim Animation Pack FREE)
  • Added volumetric lighting, and noise.
  • Added detail to the inside.
  • Added Flying cars and drones.


Day3 (Lighting)
The work done today was mostly Light changes, to make the whole scene a bit more readable.
This should clear the way for more detailed small prop placement next time.

Shadows and individual lights.

Flares and more shadows.
As always here is a bit of eye candy to keep you guys interested.


Day 2. (Still rocking)
  • First I started Closing off the Areas, to make the scene manegable.
  • After closing them off, I worked on the Lighting and shading. (Puddle, shadows, and a bit more)
  • I than chose to add another level of tunnels. That should give a bit more verticality to the scene.

  • After this I added some smaller details (Road signs, street cracks, man holes...)and tweaked a bunch of settings
  • This is the layout for now.
  • For the end of the day, here is a bit of eye candy, to hopefully get you interested ❤


Day 1.
First I started with the PBR setup.

After that I got around to jumbling up a pile of assets (All FREE assets form the Unity Store)

I set the layout, and started looking for composition factors

After that I started with the 'Feel' tweaking, lighting changes, fog ... All the good stuff.

At this stage it is a bit too dark, but I do want the end result to be very dark.
After getting the fell of it, I started fleshing it out.

And a bit more...

And that is where the day ends. It is worth noting that I have turned the lighting WAY up so that I can work, but hopefully the end result will be a lot darker and atmospheric.

My Specs:
  1. Intel Core i5-3470 CPU @ 3021 Mhz
  2. 16 Gb RAM
  3. AMD Radeon HD 8670/R7 250
Milos Baskic
Student - Artist
Game Designer|| 3D Environment Artist
This is amazing! :)
Milos Baskic
2 years ago
vijay pathyNice work with free assets.
hey, thank you. I appreciate the recognition. Always fun to work with restrictions! :D
Milos Baskic
2 years ago
Karlo RajićSuper :D
Thank you very much Karlo!
Karlo Rajić
2 years ago
Java & C#
Super :D
vijay pathy
2 years ago
Senior Engineer
Nice work with free assets.